Meltblown non-woven fabric

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Meltblown non-woven fabric

Elongated fibers are formed by extruding molten polymer fibers through a linear die containing hundreds of small holes, stretched and cooled by hot air as they fall from the linear die, and the resulting web is then blown to a collector screen net to form a finely filtered self-adhesive nonwoven. Typically, this type of nonwoven is added to spunbond to form SM or SMS webs

Melt-blown non-woven fabrics are ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabrics produced with imported melt-blown die heads and special raw materials and processes

This product is not only as fluffy and soft as ordinary meltblown products, oil absorption and filtration, but also improves bacterial filtration efficiency, reduces breathing resistance, and is more suitable for medical, dust operations and other fields of work. And can meet the needs of effective filtration of bacteria and dust


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